Glow effect on objects in LibreOffice

Thanks to SUSE who made this possible, now we have glow effect on objects in upcoming LibreOffice 7.0. Collabora Productivity engineers Tamás Bunth and myself together have implemented it for shapes and pictures.

Below are some screenshots of a PPTX slide with glow samples collected from the relevant bug report:

How it was in 6.4
How it looks like in master towards 7.0
Reference look

What puzzles me is why fontworks’ (right bottom) glow is not shown in the reference, although the effect is present in its properties. Somehow now LibreOffice seems to support glow in fontworks better 😉

Glow on pictures is only implemented in Impress and Draw. Glow on shapes is available in all modules.

7 thoughts on “Glow effect on objects in LibreOffice

  1. There are still some weird artifacts. Namely the third image from the top row is clipped in 7.0.
    “Hello” in the salmon box does not show the glow. The circle glow shape in the bottom row has a completely different shape as well.


    1. Lol, thanks CO 😉

      Wrt “Hello” in the salmon box – that’s a different effect, namely glow of *characters*, not glow *of objects*.
      Wrt “clipped third image from the top row” – how’s that existing defect relevant to glow?
      The only relevant is the last comment about different shape for the circle. Yes, the result in not perfect yet, and of course will improve.

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